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Five panoramic terraces where drinking and seeing Rome from above

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Terrazza Borromini (Instagram)

Rome is beautiful. But looking at the city from above is even more exciting. I listed the five best terraces where to admire the city and also to drink a good cocktail with the locals.

  1. Terrazza Borromini (Piazza Navona)

    Terrazza Borromini (Instagram)
  2. Terrazza Gianicolo

    Terrazza Gianicolo (Instagram)
  3. Terrazza San Pancrazio (Trastevere)

    Terrazza San Pancrazio (Instagram)
  4. Les Etoiles Atlante Hotel (Vatican district)

    Les Etoiles (Instagram)
  5. Zuma Rome (Palazzo Fendi, Via del Corso)

    Zuma Rome (Instagram)


NIGHTLIFE update: this 6 places are very HOT in Rome

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Che si fa stasera? (What are you doing tonight?). In the summer, every local who remains in the city asks himself this question. And the answer is always boh! (I don’t know). I recommend these places for diving in the groove of the roman nightlife, avoiding fake suggestions “Dolce Vita style” and other monnezza, bull shit. Check the links for addresses and more info.
The places I will suggest are not all in the ancient town. You will need a taxi or an Uber to reach them. But it’s worth it. In the eastern-side there is Pietralata, it is a restored former industrial district and almost all converted to the entertainment industry.
Here has just opened Aria, a rooftop with a swimming pool. It is a place to discover.
Not far from the Colosseum, there is the Sanctuary Luxury Retreat. A place with an ethnic taste and totally decontextualized compared to the surrounding area. There is the wellness area, the restaurant and the bar. I recommend the bar. After 10pm.
Behind Villa Borghese there is the Satyrus bar, a temporary bar much loved by the locals. But the heart of the young people of the place also beats for the Tree bar, a cocktail bar set in the gardens of the Flaminio district. We are at the gates of northern Rome.
The Tram Depot is instead in the Testaccio / Aventino area. It’s a Tram-shaped bar where they prepare good drinks and where you can meet bella gente, pretty people.
Another place that I really like is in Trastevere: Borgo Ripa. This hotel has a verdant garden with outdoor tables, sofas and music. Better to avoid Friday and Saturday.

Enjoy the CITY like a local with a PERSONAL guide

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Enjoy the city like a local with a local guide. Try the experience of visiting Rome out of the ordinary tourist itineraries. Do it with a local guide. We propose three ideas. Senatus PopulusQue Romanus. Not only imperial ruins and pope cities, Rome is also the capital of Italy and the headquarters of the institutions. Follow this tour to discover the secret places of Italian politics. Rome of hipsters. The bars where the best cocktails are served. The vinyl shops, the vintage shops, the barber shops. Here’s the Rome of hipsters. Discovering “Roma Nord”. Rome Nord is the most fashionable and rich district of the eternal city. And it’s absolutely out of the tourist maps. Let’s find out together. Ask more informations here


PASTA lovers? Five best places in the ancient TOWN

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Si fa presto a dire pasta, it is easy to say pasta. Boil the water, add salt and spaghetti. But it’s not so simple. Even the recipes that seem easier do need care and attention in the execution. In Rome there are restaurants that cook with passion and others who make it dog fuck, a cazzo di cane. I enjoy my time in the first category.
I’m not a mangiaspaghetti, a pasta eater. Usually I eat past once a week because I follow a protein diet with few carbohydrates. But when I have to eat pasta, I chose well. There are several pasta fast food in Rome. Where you can eat there on the stool or take it away. Some are of superior quality. I like, for example, Pasta Chef,  42, Via Baccina, Monti district. They cook many types of pasta of Italian tradition. And all are well done. Prices are lower than a restaurant because, after all, it is a self service. You order and they give you a number. When it comes your turn they call you and give you the hot pot.
Often, after the gym, I stop at Pasta Chef eating a salad. The Nizzarda is my favorite with tomato, boiled eggs, black olives and capers. A very similar place is PaStation, which is about to open in Piazza Campo Marzio, near the Pantheon. It already exists in Florence and is very successful.
In Trastevere there is the Taverna Trilussa, 23 via del Politeamawhich is a landmark for those who want to eat pasta according to the Roman tradition. They serve it in the pan, non in the dish. Another column of the Roman tradition is Felice a Testaccio, 29, via di Mastro Giorgio, in the district of Testaccio. Attention, both places are always very crowded, you have to book a few days before.





Cloudy with a Chance of MEATBALLS. In Rome

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Raining meat balls. On Rome. In the Monti district opens the second polpetteria, a restaurant meat balls specialized, within a few months. Here the meatball is a poor food, our grandmothers cooked meatballs mixing the leftovers of the week. So they have become a typical element of Roman traditional cuisine. The meatballs are un classico, a classic. And even the meatballs pasta is a typical Sunday lunch dish in the winter. Polpetta Cucina & Miscelazione in 26, via dei Capocci, has a wide range of meatballs, from salty to sweet, accompanied by a glass of wine or a cocktail. The new one, Viveri Polpetteria (139, via Urbana), offers a easygoing formula, più sgarzolina, It’s open all day long, from breakfast to after dinner. Meatballs are served with drinks and dj set. Prices are low, as raw material is not expensive.
Better pasta? Read my suggestions about: Pasta lovers? Four or five suggestions. Are you searching for the best pizza in the ancient town? Eating pizza in Monti district: four ideas. Are you looking for salami and prosciutto? Check my tips All crazy for the Salumeria. Five places. Hungry for shopping?? Look this Reborn the Rinascente. Make shopping between roman ruins and rooftop with a view.


SHOPPING where: reborn the RINASCENTE building

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“A Roma non succede mai niente”, say the locals, when they complain that there is no news in the Eternal city. Hey! In two thousands of years something happened here or not? Question is that time in Rome rolls slowly. Maybe.
But in the last weeks something new has happened. Rinasce la Rinascente, reborn the Rinascente. Eight planes dedicated to fashion, body care, design, with the most popular italian and world brands. Just only the building is an attraction. In the underground was rediscovered the 2k years old aqueduct Aqua Virgo, that was inaugurated by the Emperor Augusto in the 16 AC and is still functioning, feeding the largest fountains in the center. To be seen. The aqueduct arcades were discovered during the renovation work. And this has delayed the closure of the restoring, which has lasted for 11 years.
On the top floor there is the restaurants area with stunning views. The interior design combines classic with the contemporary, the floors are joined by 16 escalators that can accommodate up to 90,000 people at the same time. Prices? It goes from one euro for a pen up to 15k  euros for a bag.
After your crazy shopping, are you hungry? Here are some places in the area that can give you satisfaction: Five things to do when you’re in Piazza Navona




All crazy for the SALUMERIA. Five places to know in ROME

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All crazy about the Salumeria. Many of my guests ask me where they can go to lunch between hams, salami and cheese hanging on the ceiling. I tell you this: once pane e mortazza (the sandwich with the mortadella) was the fast and cheap meal of the worker who did not have lunch break. Today the Salumeria has become a gourmet place. The owners are millionaires and go around with the Ferrari! Save this five places.
Roscioli ristorante, near Campo de’ Fiori, is also a winery and an oyster bar. They serve salami, hand-cut ham, but also fish dishes. Here if you do not book, you will never sit down! Another place is La Salumeria, near Castel Sant’Angelo. They make the tagliere, a wooden boards with salami, ham, cheeses and more. Do not miss Erzinio, near Piazza Venezia, Volpetti in Campo Marzio and Franchi in Via Cola di Rienzo, near the Vatican city.

Have relax in the TERMAE. Two places in the ANCIENT town.

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The ancient romans were ahead with regard to body care. I Patrizi (the rich people) had relax at Termae (ancient spa), i poracci, the poor people, did the sauna, on the street, carrying stones! Two thousand years after nothing has changed, the spa is still a symbol of riccanza (opulence). If you are looking for relaxation and wellbeing in the places of the ancient romans, I would recommend two places. Try Aquamadre, just behind the imperial ruins, has very suggestive rooms, some Jacuzzi and a long range of facial and body treatments.
Something more oriental is Kamispa, just a short walk from the Trevi Fountain. Also here is the relaxation area and massage rooms.

Have party like a Russian. In Rome.

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Facciamo serata means having party hard! Where? In Rome, like in other cities of the world, the trendy places are constantly changing. I can tell the list of the best club of the moment, that probably will change in the next season. If you want have “party like a Russian”, meaning enjoy the nightlife with unlimited budget, remember this suggestions. Raspoutin is near Piazza Del Popolo, in Palazzo Dama hotel. Learn this words: Si sboccia! In Italy (not only here) is a status symbol booking a table and ordering a bottle of Dom Perignon or a extra size of Belvedere Vodka. People look at you with admiration, the girls will be happy if you offer them a flut from your precious bottle. Hey, probably not telling you anything new!

Si sciabola! is the upgrade of Si sboccia. It means those who open the bottle with a saber. If you are one of those, welcome! And remember: Dom Perignon is for rich, Vedova (Veuve Cliquot) is for barboni (not rich enough). Now you are the king of the roman nightlife. But look: conquer your kingdom should cost even a thousand euro!

A day in Rome on my own ✨THIS LIFE 🙌💛 #ROME

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So, I suggest this program: aperitivo at Hotel De Russie, drinking a Bloody Mary among businessmen and beautiful models. In alternative I suggest Zuma, on the roof of Fendi Palace (it is also a japanise restaurant). Then you can dine at Assunta Madre, where, tra calciatori e veline (between football players and tv stars), you can “watch and be watched”. The chef cooks excellent fish, but I do not think that people go there for the quality of food!

The restaurant is in Via Giulia. How to find it? Is simple, there are always one or two Ferrari parked in front! Sciallo (fun) never ends! Our night continues at ToyRoom, in Via Veneto, the street of Dolce Vita. ToyRoom is one of the most fashionable club in this season, there is a strict selection of customers, so I recommend booking a table.

Near VATICAN CITY, where drink and dine: 9 PLACES

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Near Vatican city there is a very cool neighborhood with trendy restaurants and bars. I’m talking about the quartiere Prati. This district is full of law offices. In the evening, young lowyers, when end up working, meet each other nearby to drink or dine.
I usually go to La Zanzara bistrot. But even the restaurants that are in via Properzio are at the same level: Calabascio, Il Sorpasso, Sogno autarchico. They serve the typical dishes of italian cuisine revisited in contemporary style. A little further forward there is Porto, specializing in fish dishes. I also recommend taking a look at Borgo Pio, a very characteristic street of ​​Rome, also full of bistrots and restaurants. I know this place very well because my University was right there. But if you want to see the neighborhood from above, go on the terrace of the Hotel Atlante Star at the aperitif time (7PM). The view over roman roofs is imperdibile, unmistakable!
Are you greedy? At Piazza Risorgimento I recommend two places. The first is Old Bridge ice cream parlor. You recognize it because there is always a long waiting line! Another place is Pompi, where someone says they make the better Tiramisu in the city. Try and let me know what you think about!

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