Brenda’s particular desire!

Brenda, a guest of mine hosted in my Vatican’s place, arrived in Rome with a desiderio particolare, a particular desire. She wanted the pasta served not in a ordinary dish, but in a wheel of cheese, una forma di formaggio.

Sometimes I had seen such stuff, especially in typical restaurants, but I did not remember where. I normally do not eat too much carbohydrates and, hey, the pasta inside a cheese wheel is the “world championship of carbohydrates”!! πŸ™‚ Doing research I found two restaurants that do this kind of preparation. If you have the same “perversion” as Brenda, mark these two names: “Trattoria da Danilo” and “Vecchia Roma”. Unfortunately for my guest both restaurants were closed for the holidays of August, so could not satiate her super hunger! Mannaggia! What a pity!

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